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2009 Fox Racing Catalog

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Fox Racing Shox has been engineering the most technologically advanced shocks for over three decades now. We use the word "engineering" because when they originally started in 1974, they opened as an engineering company and that has never changed. Owned by an engineer, Fox Racing Shox has always strived to build a product that would not only beat the competition, but smash it. That is why they have some of the best factory riders in the world, and more podiums than we really care to try and count. What is even better is that Fox Racing Shox takes the exact same technology as you see on the race course and puts it into their production shocks for all of to enjoy. So, when purchasing new shocks for your snowmobile you can trust that Fox Racing Shox have been proven underneath the toughest riders in the world; and care about the quality they release in their production line-up.

Why should you purchase Fox Racing Shox® from us? Well, anybody can call Fox Racing Shox, place an order big enough and be a dealer/distributer. At Tom's Snowmobile & Service, we work hand in hand with Fox Racing Shox to design valving specs and do live testing on new products. A lot of the shocks in our line-up carry valving we designed and had put into production. So, not only can you trust Fox Racing Shox to engineer the best in shock technology, but you can trust that we have the knowledge and capability to fit you with shocks to match your exact needs no matter what the application. To shop for and learn more about the shocks and suspension we offer, click the link below.

2009 Fox Racing Catalog

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